Our missions



Foster industry growth and support industry players.

Adan continually supports its members and the use cases they propose in order to facilitate the development of the sector within the global economy.

adan bitcoin cryptomonnaie réglementation loi


Building and clarifying national and European regulations.

Adan participates in the construction of a regulatory framework proportionate and adapted to the crypto-asset sector.

adan bitcoin cryptomonnaie relation


Build healthy relationships with economic actors and institutions.

Adan tends to facilitate the creation of healthy synergies between sector players, institutions and other industries.

adan bitcoin cryptomonnaie pedagogie


Promote a better understanding of the crypto-blockchain universe.

Adan participates in the deconstruction of preconceived ideas around crypto-assets and allows a better understanding of the value proposition of this new asset class.


Adan works by and for its members. It is a democratic association, in which each active member - natives of the sector - has an equal voice at the general meetings of the Association. Associate members - non-natives of the sector, contribute to the action of the Association and have an advisory vote at the general meetings of the Association.


Within the Association, Faustine Fleuret holds the position of General Delegate.

The General Delegate carries out the instructions of the Board of Directors within the Association, in particular with the operational team. He reports on the progress of the work carried out by the office to the members of the Board during monthly meetings.


Within the Association, Faustine Fleuret holds the position of President.

The President is the corporate officer of the Association. It is intended to represent it to the public. He bears the responsibility of the Association and therefore has the ability to commit the Association to third parties.

Faustine Fleuret Chairman and Managing Director since May 6, 2021


Adan's Board of Directors is made up of 214 administrators responsible for guiding the Association's missions and its financial management. It is renewed every two years at an Extraordinary General Meeting. Only active members are eligible and can vote in the election of Council members.

The members elected the following people to the Board of Directors until May 6, 2023.

Bediss Cherif Chief Product Officer, Kaiko

Joël-Alexis Bialkiewicz Managing Partner, Banque Delubac & Cie / Chairman and Founder, DeluPay

Faustine Fleuret CEO, Adan

Stéphanie Cabossioras Executive Director, Binance France

Nicolas Louvet CEO, Coinhouse and Coinhouse Custody Services

William O'Rorke Associate Lawyer, ORWL Avocats

Stanislas Barthelemi Crypto and Web3 manager, KPMG France

Hadrien Zerah Président, Nomadic Labs

Marc Zeller CEO, Aave Chan Initiative

Frédéric Montagnon Chairman of the board, Arianee

Laurent Ovion Head of Innovation, DLPK Group

Valentin Demé President, Cube3

Stéphane Blemus General Secretary, Société Générale FORGE


Members participate in the operation of the Association. They are represented by the latter with the institutions and are presumed to adhere to its decision-making. Members are divided into two categories:

  • on the one hand, active members, whose main purpose is to carry out an activity related to crypto-assets. They have a deliberative voice at General Assemblies, ensuring democratic governance within the Association.
  • on the other hand, associate members, whose main activity is not the exercise of an activity directly related to crypto-assets. They have an advisory vote at General Meetings.

The members of Adan participate together in the construction of the basic positions of the Association.

Adan's charter of good conduct
for the use of its members

By joining Adan, members undertake to respect the principles of the Association's Charter of Good Conduct. In the event of non-compliance with this, they are liable to penalties which may go as far as expulsion.



The Legal Committee includes all lawyer members whose activity is to provide legal advice to clients or relatives.

The Chairman of the Legal Committee is William O'Rorke of ORWL Avocats.


The PSAN/CASP Committee includes members whose activity falls under the status of Service Provider on Digital Assets or related.

The Chairman of the PSAN/CASP Committee is Nicolas Louvet, from Coinhouse and Coinhouse Custody Services.

The Vice Chairman of the PSAN/CASP Committee is Mark Kepeneghian of Kriptown.


The DeFi Committee includes adherent members whose activity is to deploy decentralized or related finance protocols.

The Chairman of the DeFi Committee is Marc Zeller, of the Aave Protocol.
The Vice Chairman of the DeFi Committee is Alexis Masseron, of the Atlendis Labs protocol.


The NFT Committee which includes the members whose activity is to provide all services relating to NFT or related.

The Chairman of the NFT Committee is Frédéric Montagnon, from Arianee.

The Vice President of the NFT Committee is Antoine Rémy, from Arianee.



The European and International Issues Working Group, open to all adhering members, deals with topics related to European regulations, the digital euro, and international work on crypto-assets or any related topics.


The Taxation-Accounting Working Group, open to all adhering members, works to propose adaptations and improvements in these two areas. The Group works closely with the Legal Committee.

The Rapporteur of the Working Group is Cédric Pavao, from Parhélie Avocats.

The Vice-Rapporteur of the Working Group is Axel Sabban, from Cabinet Revo Avocats.


The Finance Working Group (CeFi), open to all adhering members, deals with issues that the crypto sector and traditional finance share, and thus move forward together (sustainable finance, the integration of crypto-assets into traditional activities, etc. ).


The Radiation & Attractiveness working group, open to all members, deals with all actions aimed at improving the visibility of the industry, better establishing the sector and including its opportunities in the national strategy for innovation.

The team

Unique expertise in France
Faustine Fleuret
Faustine Fleuret
President and CEO
Mélodie Ambroise
Mélodie Ambroise
Strategy and Institutional Relations Director
Jules Dubourg
Jules Dubourg
Financial and Administrative Manager
Hugo Bordet
Hugo Bordet
Regulatory Affairs Manager
Olivier Klepatsky
Olivier Klepatsky
Content and communication manager
Léo Auburtin
Léo Auburtin
Community manager
Raliane Kinduelo
Raliane Kinduelo
Executive assistant

Become a member

Your membership in Adan allows you to participate in the establishment of decisions taken in the working group, and to contribute to the drafting of communication documents and position-taking. You will also have access to discussion areas and internal documentation of the association. Members also benefit from preferential rates at the Crypto Finance Forum, Adan's annual conference.

  • Solve your operational problems and overcome your obstacles
  • Make your voice heard by the institutional sphere and the media
  • Change regulations so that they become a driving force for innovation
  • Meet the industry, benefit from the experience of other players in the sector