31 Jul 2023

Adan responds to IOSCO’s consultation on its international recommendations for crypto-asset markets.

On this 31 July 2023, Adan responds to the IOSCO consultation highlighting the regulatory considerations associated with crypto-assets. Based in Spain, the International Organization of Securities Commissions is an international body that brings together the various financial regulators around the world to harmonise th
28 Jul 2023

Web3 Leaders Forum: an exceptional confluence of players shaping the future of the Web 3 ecosystem

Paris, 28 July 2023 - Adan's annual event was held on 19 July at the Palais Brongniart in Paris. The newly-named Web 3 Leaders Forum brought together more than 400 participants over the course of the day to discuss the current economic and regulatory issues shaping the future of the Web 3 ecosystem. The conference [&he
07 Jun 2023

AMLR – For a balance between fighting financial crime and protecting innovation in Europe

On 20 July 2021, the European Commission published a package of legislative proposals to strengthen the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing in the European Union (the "AML/CFT package"). The package comprises four texts: a regulation establishing a European authority to combat money laundering and te
29 Apr 2023

Regulating DeFi in Europe: issues for consideration

For a proportionate and adapted regulation of the DeFi: Adan proposes 9 recommendations to frame the future of finance.
24 Apr 2023

MiCA and TFR — MEPs adopt a framework that positions Europe at the forefront of global crypto-asset markets

Paris, 20 April 2023– The final votes on the Crypto-Asset Market Regulation (MiCA) and the Transfer of Funds Regulation (TFR) were held today in the European Parliament, finally establishing the world’s first major crypto regulation. Although technical standards are in the pipeline, this new step leading to
14 Apr 2023

Web3 in France and Europe: Adoption by the public and applications by industries

This study conducted by Adan and KPMG takes stock of the Web3 and Crypto landscape in Europe and its applications in industry. Nearly one in 10 French people own cryptos, and more than a quarter may acquire them in the next few years. This represents a significant increase of 20% on our previous study. This […]
07 Apr 2023

The PSAN regime is changing: an update and essential information for players who have to file a case with the AMF

In this publication, Adan wishes to raise awareness among PSANs wishing to submit a registration file on the changes in the regulations for the granting of an authorisation to exercise their activity.
06 Apr 2023

Replay of the event between Adan and Ethereum France at Cometh: “The regulation of DeFi and DAOs”

On 23 March, Adan and Ethereum France co-organised a french Panel on the regulation of DeFi and DAOs in France and Europe at Cometh's offices.
03 Apr 2023

Intervention BFM Crypto: Adan’s proposals on the PPL Influencers

On Tuesday 21 March, our President Faustine Fleuret spoke about the proposed law aimed at combating scams and abuses by influencers on social networks. This was an opportunity to recall the Association’s recommendations for an appropriate framework for influencer activity so that users can benefit from quality in
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