Adan elects its executive committee and fine-tunes its governing structure

Paris, 21 November 2023 – Adan’s Board of Directors has elected its representatives to the Association’s Executive Committee. Mark Kepeneghian, President of Kriptown, and Laurent Ovion, Innovation Director at DLPK, will now assume the role of Vice-Chairmen. Two members of the permanent team, Mélodie Ambroise and Jules Dubourg, will take on the roles of Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

A vice-presidency to act as a bridge between the traditional sector and companies born of Web 3

A few days ago, Adan’s Board of Directors appointed two vice-presidents to replace Faustine Fleuret in her role at the head of Europe’s leading federation of Web 3 professionals. The 15 executive members of the association have therefore opted for complementary profiles: Mark Kepeneghian, Chairman of the fintech Kriptown, and Laurent Ovion, Innovation Director of the historic asset management group DLPK.

A graduate of ESCP Europe, Mark Kepeneghian is a dynamic and passionate entrepreneur. After working in the world of ‘traditional’ finance, notably at Rothschild & Cie, Mark specialised in the solutions offered by tokenisation to the risks of illiquidity in unlisted companies. That’s how, 6 years ago, he co-founded Kriptown, a neo-exchange for SMEs and start-ups using blockchain technologies. A member of the Board of Directors of France FinTech and the working bodies of Paris Europlace and the AFG, Mark is now keen to reaffirm his commitment to the Web 3 sector through the vice-presidency of Adan.

« I would like to thank the Board for its confidence in me. As Vice-Chairman, I am committed to authentically representing the diversity of Adan’s members, from blockchain players to financial institutions, working together to forge the future of Web3 in France and Europe » explains the company director.

Laurent Ovion, who also has entrepreneurial experience, is first and foremost a specialist in digital transformation within companies that are established in their markets. Having worked for Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and been involved in a number of Web 3 – blockchain groups, Laurent has set himself the challenge of building bridges between this innovative industry and the financial sector. He has been working towards this goal since 2018, holding the position of Innovation & Crypto Director within the DLPK group (parent company of the investment platform dedicated to wealth management advisers, Nortia). Adan, whose members agreed in September 2023 to open up the association to more established operators, will now be able to count on Laurent’s experience to support the association in this mission.

« I would like to thank everyone for their confidence in me. It reinforces DLPK’s commitment to the hybridization of traditional financial activities with native players. We will be speaking on behalf of ADAN to everyone – financial institutions, asset management advisers and asset management companies – to encourage the emergence of new players. » says Laurent Ovion.

Alongside Faustine, Mark and Laurent, Mélodie Ambroise, Adan’s Director of Strategy and Institutional Relations, has been elected Secretary of the association, and Jules Dubourg, the current General Secretary, will also take on the role of Treasurer.

« For several months now, our association has been developing in line with the dynamics of the Web 3 sector. The recent election of Adan’s executive committee reflects this: we are increasingly successful in representing the heterogeneous profiles of companies interested in crypto-blockchain technologies and in getting them to work together around shared values and objectives. » adds Faustine Fleuret, president of the association.

About Adan

Adan brings together more than 200 professionals – new players and established companies – who develop innovation and Web 3 use cases in all areas of the economy on a daily basis. By removing the obstacles to their growth and competitiveness, Adan is working towards the emergence and influence of French and European champions in the service of our digital sovereignty. Adan promotes an appropriate, proportionate and catalytic framework for innovation, as well as a better understanding of new blockchain technologies, crypto-assets and their opportunities.

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