The Association for the Development of Digital Assets (Adan) is today publishing its second annual activity report. This report covers all the actions carried out by the Association during the year 2021. 

Like 2020, 2021 is once again synonymous with growth for the digital asset industry. This growth is now complemented by ever greater institutionalisation, accentuated innovation with the exponential adoption of NFTs and DeFi, more funding for our players compared to 2020, evolving regulatory debates at a European level and the arrival of cryptoassets in geopolitical debates.

Faced with these major challenges, Adan has continued to establish itself as the key player representing all professionals in the sector in France and Europe by bringing together more than 160 professionals in the sector.

Created itself in 2020 thanks to the support of its eleven founding members, the work undertaken by the Association has remained faithful to the objectives announced at its September meeting: 

  • To anchor our issues in the French political landscape for 2022; 
  • Strengthening the competitiveness of French industry; and
  • Create a favourable European environment for cryptoassets.

Organised into 2 Committees and 4 Working Groups, the Association has been able to rely on all its forces to facilitate the understanding of the concerns of the industry’s players and to create an appropriate and proportionate framework for their development.

2021 has therefore been a singular year for Adan and only confirms the ambitions the Association displayed in 2020 for the digital assets industry. In 2021, the team has grown and Adan still aspires to develop to strengthen its role with the political and institutional sphere in Europe and in France in order to bring the French cryptoasset industry to the forefront.