Paris, July 18, 2022 – Before the summer holidays, the crypto-asset industry is once again in the spotlight at the major annual event of the Association for the Development of Digital Assets (Adan) at the Maison de la Mutualité: the Crypto & Finance Forum (CFF). In 2021, the first edition brought together more than 240 participants. This year’s bonus: the Future of France evening, which puts decentralised finance (DeFi) in the spotlight, and within reach of the institutional world.

Federating and dialoguing around the major issues of the web 3 adventure

If crypto is at the heart of this day, the CFF is intended to be a large gathering of players in the sector, but also of public decision-makers, the banking and financial industry, and all companies wishing to take an interest in or even build this new part of the global digital economy, with its many promises.

With the help of great experts from a wide range of backgrounds, the Forum will take up and analyse the major structural and economic issues that have shaped this year and will continue to shape the crypto sphere. The confrontation of points of view, intrinsically linked to the complexity and the considerable impact of crypto innovation, is necessary in order to grasp the strategic issues associated with the development of French champions. Thus, crypto pure players rub shoulders on the CFF 2022 stage: the European Commission, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), the Caisse des dépôts et des consignations (CDC), the French Treasury, the Office de coordination bancaire et financière (OCBF), but also major established players who are watching closely or even seizing on crypto such as Casino Immobilier, the bank Delubac et Cie, DLPK, KPMG or Novethic. Société Générale – Forge is even devoting a round table to the ambitions of the traditional industry – with Abn Amro Bank, Axa IM, Banco Santander, the Banque de France, Swift and Visa – and is highlighting the winners of its competition (the CAST challenge) for the definition of new standards for the markets of tokenised financial instruments.

The CFF also intends to highlight the place and the driving position of France in developing crypto innovation on its territory. Two prestigious guests open and close the event: the new Minister Delegate for Digital Transition and Telecommunications, Jean-Noël Barrot, and the President of the AMF, Robert Ophèle.

I wish to reaffirm our ambition for the French crypto-asset ecosystem, with the aim of making France a reference in the emerging Web 3 economy, and the leading European hub for crypto-assets” the minister said to the French sector.

Cock-a-doodle-doo in Europe for crypto

The Crypto & Finance Forum thus launches the 5th Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC), which also takes up residence at the Maison de la Mutualité the following day and places Paris at the centre of the European and global crypto scene for a week. 

All day long, the Forum draws the economic, geopolitical, regulatory and competitive landscape of crypto and exposes the macro-economic stakes linked to the upheavals in finance, the monetary landscape and the associated risks in terms of sovereignty. The opportunity to bring together the European ecosystem around a common vision, driven in particular by France, including in the context of the difficult debates that have taken place in recent months at EU level.

Through the Crypto & Finance Forum, Adan wanted to highlight the place that France is taking as a catalyst for the European crypto sector“, explains Faustine Fleuret, President of Adan. “France must continue to work to create the best conditions for the emergence of French and European champions, as there is still a long way to go and many obstacles.” 

Adan at the heart of the rise of French and European industry

The CFF 2022 confirms Adan’s involvement and action to set up France and Europe as the global crypto stronghold, defending their competitiveness against already fierce competition from the US, the UK and Asia. On the occasion of the Forum, the Association unveils its 2021 activity report, which attests to the efforts undertaken and the achievements made to this end.

Synergies between public and private stakeholders in the dynamics of our digital economy are the key to a joint industry-friendly strategy, which has yet to be put in place,” summarises Faustine Fleuret. “This requires a common understanding of the opportunities of this innovation and the risks of delegating control of it”.

Numerous companies from various backgrounds accompanied the event as partners, testifying to a growing interest in the sector and the importance of positioning themselves in this market. Among them: SG – Forge, Delubac et Cie, CDC, DLPK, Lyncas, Scorechain and Waltio. The Association also welcomes the support of its media partners: Agefi, BSmart, CoinAcademy, CoinTelegraph, Cryptoast, l’Express, Maddyness and The Big Whale. Finally, Adan would like to thank its institutional partners who have facilitated the bridge between crypto and other economic players: AMAFI, ANCDGP, Croissance Plus, EUCI, Finance for Tomorrow, Finance Innovation, France Fintech, Place DeFi, Swave and OCBF.

The Association closes this great day with the Future of France evening, co-organised with the best of decentralised finance: Aleph, Angle, APWine, Atlendis, Jarvis, Mangrove, Morpho, Paladin, Paraswap, Sismo and Synaps. The aim is to create bridges between traditional finance and DeFi, at a time when more and more European people want to embrace this innovation and when regulators are questioning the framework of this sector, which is still young but which is set to play a major role in our daily lives tomorrow.


About Adan

Adan (Association for the Development of Crypto-Assets) brings together crypto-assets and blockchain professionals in France and Europe. Its members cover many activities: markets, custody, payments, management, analysis tools, project and user support. Adan’s mission is to unite the digital asset industry and promote its development in the service of a new digital economy. To this end, the Association has technical expertise in digital assets and maintains a close dialogue with public authorities and industry associations.


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