• Faustine Fleuret was elected President and appointed Director-General of Adan, succeeding Simon Polrot, who remains fully committed to the Association’s Executive Board.
  • The Board was renewed around Cabinet Heuvrard, Coinhouse, Kaiko, KPMG France, Ledger and Nomadic Labs.
  • The General Assembly has maintained its confidence in the operational team and recommends continuity in the Association’s activities.

Paris, 10 May 2021 – Following Adan’s first Ordinary General Assembly held on Thursday 6 May 2021, the Association has seen several positive changes among its Board of Directors, its Presidency and the Executive Committee.

Following the General Assembly’s vote, which the Board of Directors then confirmed, Faustine Fleuret was elected President of the Association. As of Friday, 7 May, she takes over from Simon Polrot, Adan’s first President in office since January 2020.

The President takes the lead of a new Board of Directors whose composition was renewed following the vote of the Assembly:

  • Blockchain Partner by KPMG, represented by Alexandre Stachtchenko
  • Cabinet Heuvrard, represented by Fabrice Heuvrard
  • Coinhouse, represented by Nicolas Louvet
  • Kaiko, represented by Alex Clément
  • Ledger, represented by Amandine Doat
  • Nomadic Labs, represented by Hadrien Zerah

The new Board of Directors also appointed Faustine Fleuret as Executive Director of the Association. The Board also validated the continuation of the Executive Board, thus showing its confidence in the team already in place

  • Simon Polrot, Director of European and International Affairs
  • Sébastien Couture, Director of Communication
  • Jules Dubourg, Administrative and Financial Manager
  • Hugo Bordet, Head of Missions

“The new president of the Association will have to perpetuate the work accomplished since its creation, maintain the Association’s presence in the institutional landscape and continue to federate the digital assets industry by bringing the voice of all its stakeholders. This year again, the challenges for the sector are adaptable: the image of crypto-assets in the public sphere, French and European regulations, relations with the traditional financial ecosystem and Big Techs, education, awareness of opportunities for France’s economy and digital sovereignty, etc. Adan will continue to make constructive proposals to meet all these challenges.” Faustine Fleuret, President of Adan, underlines.

This first General Assembly of Adan – which was attended by some fifty participants and attracted the interest of five candidates for the Presidency and fourteen candidates wishing to sit on the Board of Directors – attests to the progress made by the Association in just one year and bears witness to the valuable support of the players in its actions.

About Adan

Adan (Association for the Development of Digital Assets) brings together professionals in digital assets and blockchain technologies in France and Europe. Its members cover a wide range of activities: markets, custody, payments, management, analysis tools, project and user support and IT security. Adan’s mission is to unite the digital asset industry and promote its development in the service of a new digital economy. To this end, the Association has technical and regulatory expertise in digital assets and maintains a close dialogue with public authorities and industry associations.

Sebastien Couture – [email protected]
Website: https://adan.eu
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