Ms Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Culture, Mr Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Mr Cédric O, State Secretary for Digital Transition and Electronic Communications, have drafted a task force letter with the objective of informing the government about the opportunities and challenges linked to the emergence of the metaverse.

This agglomeration of technologies carries the potential for a revolution in our daily activities, the full implications of which are still difficult to imagine. However, we must be able to anticipate it in order to support its development in accordance with the European vision and standards. This means taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by this innovation but also limiting the pitfalls as much as possible. This approach implies identifying all the impacts and interrelations of the problems linked to the metaverse in order to extract from these reflections the substance of what will constitute a major economic challenge.

It is in this respect that the Association for the development of crypto-assets (Adan) will explain in this document how the innovation of the metaverse is linked to the fact of being able to exchange value digitally, suggesting a great economic potential but also many questions that remain unanswered to date.