This month of progressive exit from lockdown was particularly busy! Here are the Adan news of June 2020.

The digital assets sector continues to develop in France. Adan now has 39 members, including 7 new players in June to whom we extend a warm welcome. We are also delighted to work with almost all the associations in the Paris financial centre. It’s a great start for the association in just six short months and a very good signal for the development of a sector that has been in the news a lot lately: safe haven assets, decentralised finance, planned European regulations, digital central bank money, etc.

This month of progressive exit from lockdown has been particularly busy. We have set up two operational committees to deal efficiently with European issues VASP and affairs; congratulations to Nicolas Louvet and Amandine Doat who respectively chair these two new committees!

In parallel, we responded to a consultation of the Competition Authority on the relationship between the banking sector and the digital asset sector and to two EU consultations on the review of the MiFID 2 regime and digital finance. We convened the Stablecoin groups and AML-TF participated in 7 external meetings. All this without losing contact with our political interlocutors and we hope that the recovery plan will not have forgotten the sector.

Next month, we present our report on the setting up of a European digital laboratory, resulting from our joint survey with Gide, AMAFI and AFTI, we talk about the taxation of digital assets with KryptoSphere, and of course we continue all our other work!

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Conference “Security Tokens: Setting up a European Digital Laboratory”.

Many of you have shown a strong interest in a European digital laboratory dedicated to “security tokens”. This is what emerges from the questionnaire carried out last May by Adan in liaison with the Gide 255 team, the French Association of Financial Markets (AMAFI) and the French Association of Securities Professionals (AFTI). This questionnaire enabled us to question the market on its appetite for the implementation of a European digital laboratory (“Digital Lab”) to enable the development of security tokens and the definition of an appropriate regulatory framework for the European Union.

We will have the pleasure to welcome on the occasion of this event :

  • the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), with Stéphanie Cabossioras (Deputy Director of Legal Affairs) for a presentation of the AMF’s proposal for a European digital laboratory

  • the European Commission, with a representative of DG Financial Stability (FISMA) for a progress report on the work on the future European system of .

Don’t miss the presentation of our report, made thanks to your answers to this questionnaire!

Date: Thursday, July 16 from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM

LocationGide Loyrette Nouel, 15 rue de Laborde – 75008 Paris

⚠️ RSVP before 13 July 2020 – maximum 50 participants on site, in application of legal health measures. The conference will also be broadcast live to allow remote participation.

⚠️ RSVP before 13 July 2020 – maximum 50 participants on site, in application of legal health measures. The conference will also be broadcast live to allow remote participation.

KryptoNight – VR Conference on Taxation of Digital Assets

Simon Polrot, Chairman of Adan, has been invited to participate in a virtual reality event dedicated to the taxation of digital assets this Friday, July 9, in his capacity as a former tax lawyer . He will present Adan and the main points relating to taxation that are discussed within the association.

Date: Thursday 9 July, from 6pm to 7.30pm

Location: ALTspace VR conference room of the KryptoSphere association

 Registration – Free

Global Digital Finance Conference – Digital Currencies and Stablecoins

This Wednesday, July 8, we will be present at the Digital Currencies and Stablecoins conference organized by Global Digital Finance.

Date: Wednesday 8 July from 1pm (Paris time)

Location: online

Location: online

New New members

We are pleased to welcome 7 new members to the Adan:

  • Bitcoin Avenue: Bitcoin Avenue is one of the first French agencies to specialise in investment solutions for digital assets individuals and institutions. Purchase/sale of cryptomoney, personalized support, training, specialized products and services.

  • Bitit: Bitit is a simple and secure access ramp that allows as many people as possible to access the top crypto-currencies with their preferred currency and payment method.

  • Chainalysis: Chainalysis helps government agencies, businesses and financial institutions work with digital assets with confidence. Compliance and investigation solutions.

  • Coqonut: Coqonut allows you to manage your crypto portfolio like any other investment. Coqonut automatically aggregates all the positions and transactions on the different Exchanges and Wallets, and provides simple and readable reporting, to monitor the performance of its portfolio and to make its tax declaration.

  • Multis : Multis is a neobank allowing companies to manage EUR and USD cryptomoney as part of their business.

  • Synaps: Synaps allows you to create and manage your digital identity online. Share your secure identity with our network of trusted partners to access features that require identity verification.

  • Waltio: Waltio helps investors (individuals and professionals) digital assets to calculate and declare their capital gains. He’s a crypto-currency tax assistant. In 2020, Waltio assisted more than 1,000 French people with their tax returns. The robot has read more than 500 million € of transaction volume.

Welcome to them!

News from our members

  • Blockchain Partner: To mark the anniversary of the launch of Libra, we published an analysis in the Express on the lessons of the digital currencies of Facebook and Telegram. Read more about it

  • Coinhouse: Glad to announce that the Coinhouse platform now supports Ripple (XRP). More digital assets will be added soon!

  • Coqonut: Our second fiscal season ended on June 11, with a very positive balance sheet. Several thousands of satisfied users who were able to make their tax return in only 5 min without having to calculate “fractions of initial capital in the purchase price” and other complicated information themselves. Read more about the project

  • Just Mining : Partnership with the company VeraOne (AuCoffre group) for the integration of their gold indexed stablecoin on our platform. Just Mining has also been selected by Elrond to be one of the teams in charge of its validators. To find out more about Just Mining

  • Kriptown: The Act for Entrepreneurs collective, set up by Kriptown, was selected by Cedric O as being particularly responsive to the needs expressed by citizens and businesses in this period of health emergency. To find out more about it

  • Multis: Multis has completely redesigned its banking application: it is more elegant, more reliable and more visual. We have strengthened and streamlined different sections for an even better experience for businesses that want to get the most out of their crypto. Read more about it

  • Ownest: The supply chain solution provider Ownest joins the accelerator of international start-ups, launched by CMA CGM’s shipping leader Zebox. To find out more about Ownest

  • Retreeb: The retreeb project, which aims to make payment a responsible act, has been awarded the label by the Finance Innovation cluster in the “Sustainable Finance” category. #sustainablefinance Read more

Adan News

Creation of Committees VASP and European Affairs

We are delighted to announce the creation of the first committees that bring together communities of interest of several Adan members. Their purpose is to deal more effectively with certain issues shared by certain categories of members. The first two Adan Committees are the following:

VASP Committee

The Committee VASP deals with all issues concerning digital asset service providers: operational problems, implementation of the regulations, adaptation of the regulatory framework, systemsAML-TF, etc. The Committee is also responsible for the development of the regulatory framework for digital asset service providers.

The Committee VASP is chaired by Nicolas Louvet, CEO of Coinhouse.

European Affairs Committee

This committee deals with all subjects of interest to the European sphere. Its purpose is to coordinate the actions of the associations at this level and in particular the exchanges with counterpart institutions and associations, the answers to all relevant EU consultations and the publication of position papers on all subjects of interest at European level.

The European Affairs Committee is chaired by Amandine Doat Louvet, Associate General Counsel & Head of Public Policy at Ledger.

Published documents

Working Groups

  • Stablecoins Working Group – Meeting #1 (June 10)
  • Inaugural meeting of the Committee VASP (16 June)
  • Working session dedicated to the documentation on the AML-TF (June 30)
  • Policies AML-TF for the Digital Asset World (WG AML-TF) (30 June)


  • Security tokens working group of the Haut comité juridique de la place financière de Paris (HCJP) (9 June and 25 June)
  • “Digital Lab” led by the AMF (11 June and 18 June)
  • AFTI Project Coordination Committee Blockchain de Place (June 24)
  • Inter-Association Coordinating Committee COVID 19 (24 June)
  • Paris EUROPLACE ICO Working Group (26 June)
  • AMAFI Working Group Digital Assets (June 26)
  • Working Group Access to the Crypto Account of the Fintech Forum ACPR-AMF (29 June)

Public Relations


  • Exchanges with crypto-members :
  • Pierre Person (June 4)
  • Valéria Faure-Muntian (19 June)
  • Exchanges with Matthieu Heurtel, Secrétariat au Numérique (15 June)
  • Exchanges with Business France Invest (June 19)
  • AFG-ADAN meeting to set up joint work (19 June)


  • Participation in the workshops organised by France Fintech on the consultation on the EC Digital Agenda (12 June)
  • Exchanges with Fintech/Blockchain associations in the EU :
  • Global Digital Finance (June 9)
  • Cyprus Blockchain Association (22 June)
  • Bundesverband (23 June)