Everything is accelerating in the small world of crypto-assets. Pricing signals are at an all-time high. New projects are getting started almost daily and the issues that were still prospective in January are emerging in the news: DeFi, stablecoins, NFT… They are becoming all the more strategic and we remain mobilised to resolve blockages and delays in the French and European industry (the latest “hiccup” to date: the very distrustful opinion of the ECB on MiCA). Positive signals are visible: we are more and more solicited by the private sector, the financial industry but not only, and we are always happy to answer the questions that everyone is asking about this new internet of value. In fact, we have scheduled an event on DeFi for Thursday 18 March and we hope to see many of you there! Finally, I would like to welcome Jules, our new employee (who is introduced below) and our six new members!

Excellent month of March and a good start of spring for all of you,




DeFi: the next digital battlefield (conference – March 18)

Adan is organising an online conference in French to explore DeFi, understand its applications and the challenges it faces in Europe. This event will cover various topics including markets, industry actors, EU sovereignty and competitiveness, and Adan’s recommendations to amend MiCA.

Date and place: Thursday, March 18th at 6 pm – online


Revision of the CSDR regulation: Adan confirms the need to adapt to innovation

Adan took part in the European Commission’s consultation launched as part of its reflections on the CSDR regulation revision. On this occasion, the Commission is once again interested in security tokens, as a continuation of its work on the creation of the Pilot Regime. Adan thus confirms the need for regulatory adaptations in order to promote the development of these new markets, and proposes an alternative methodology based on the aims – and not only on the detail of the CSDR rules – aiming to rationalize and optimize the existing regime. ➡️ Read the consultation

Taxation of individuals on digital assets – State of play and proposals

Adan and its members have co-authored this report to share feedback with the French public authorities and to alert them to the need to adjust at least some reporting modalities before the next tax return campaign. The proposals concern a clarification about the taxation of certain transactions, simplifying reporting obligations and the deductibility of losses on crypto-assets from one year to the next. ➡️ Read the report

AML/CFT crypto-asset market risks: Adan contributes to the revision of the European analysis

The European Commission is currently working on the revision of its AML/CFT Risk Analysis Report on Internal Market and Cross-Border Activities(“NARS”) published in 2019 and the accompanying working document. This update of the NARS is part of the ongoing work to overhaul the European regime in this area. The Commission sought to involve Adan in the sections of these documents dedicated to crypto-asset markets. The Association once again thanks the Commission, and underlines the necessity and importance of such cooperation. ➡️ Read the comments

European crypto initiatives

  • Within the scope of EUCI we have prepared two strategic papers on Stablecoins and Decentralized Finance.
  • Last month, we were also able to meet:
    • representatives to Swedish Council
    • representatives to the Lithuanian Council
    • Luc Rochtus, MEP, technical advisor to the rapporteur of the pilot regime at the EU Parliament.

Speaking opportunities

During the month of February, Adan took part in several events:

An internal seminar “The road towards Blockchain-based Digital Assets” on February 9 organized by Orange. During this seminar, it was about offering participants a structural introduction of the crypto-assets markets, and the most impactful innovations such as DeFi, NFTs, DAOs and stablecoins. ➡️ Check out the slide

The introductory Keynote “Crypto-Assets, get on board these new vehicles” organized by Finance Innovation on February 25. It enabled us to share our analysis of digital assets and their use cases. ➡️ See slide

The Conference “Blockchain Technology & Value Chain Performance” by Audencia Business School, College de Paris Scientific Council, Smart-Chain and the French International Actuarial Diffusion on March 2. Numerous topics were covered during the two-hour roundtable discussion: the growing attractiveness of Bitcoin for institutional investors, questions around its prospective use as a means of payment, the different approaches between the EU and the US around stablecoins and MNBCs, decentralized finance, European regulations (MiCA and pilot regime). ➡️ Watch the replay

News from members

  • Blockchain Partner: Blockchain Partner is recruiting a Blockchain Engineer. Read more
  • Chainalysis: Chainalysis 2021 Report on Cryptocriminality is Now Available. Read more
  • Kaiko: Traditional stock exchanges are accelerating the adoption of active cryptos thanks to the indices, derivatives and FTEs now available. Kaiko is one of the first data providers to cover Uniswap (DEX: Decentralized Finance Exchange – DeFi). Read more
  • Multis: Multis is creating a B2B wallet to manage wallets and payments in crypto startups. We start with the tracking of wallets and BTC/ETH transactions, to give an aggregated view of the funds and allow csv/pdf exports, then we will add team payment functionalities (wallet with team limits, bulk payments, contacts), and an IBAN account to facilitate crypto conversion. Read more
  • Nomadic Labs: Nomadic Labs’ Technical Excellence in Supporting Tezos Ecosystem Development Read more
  • Waltio: The tax software, Waltio celebrates its 2 years et has just surpassed the Billion € of transactions read

New members

Since the beginning of February, we have welcomed 6 new members, welcome to them!

  • Bigblock Datacenter SAS offers the sale and hosting of ASICS for cryptocurrency mining.
  • Cabinet CARRIER AVOCATS: a law firm that specializes in legal compliance for the digital economy.
  • LMD Avocats: a law tax firm specialized in tax litigation.
  • Mètis: Mètis is a start-up company that develops hardware and investment solutions based on the blockchain ecosystem.
  • ORWL Avocats: a law firm committed to the challenges of the digital economy.
  • Youseeme: offers solutions for payments, loyalty and commercial intelligence in a dematerialized way. dématérialisées.

We welcome Jules to Adan

Jules Dubourg joined Adan on March 1st as Administrative and Financial Assistant.

He will work closely with our members on membership and renewal follow-up. Also, Jules will work as productively as possible to provide operational support to our team.

He is very interested in the world of digital assets as well as the blockchain world. In his spare time, he improvises himself as a chef and enjoys cooking food for his family.

Thank you for joining us to welcome him in your future exchanges.