Founded in January 2020, Adan brings together professionals in the digital asset and blockchain technology sector in France and Europe. Its members comprise a wide range of activities, including markets, custody, payment, management, transactional analytics, project and user support, and security.


  1. Organization of the manager’s agenda
  • Manage the agenda and the daily schedule of the manager (appointments, letters, e-mails, vacations…).
  • Prepare and organize the logistics of various professional events (meetings, travel, oral interventions, seminars, trade shows, conference calls…).
  • Prepare and control the files necessary for the mission of the manager (documentation, reports, communication supports, various notes for meetings…).
  • Ensure upstream preparation and follow-up of files.
  1. Management, follow-up and archiving of reports and documentation of the executive
  • Receive and sort mail to present only essential information to the manager.
  • Attend meetings and take minutes.
  • Organize the sorting and archiving of important documents (collect, process, file and update information).
  1. Communication
  • Write communication materials (notes, reports, minutes…).
  • Writing of communications to members and subscribers of our social networks (newsletter, news summary, social media posts…).
  • Ensure the transmission of information internally and externally.
  1. Administrative and accounting management
  • Collect, record, and archive accounting documents (suppliers and members).
  • Management of contact messaging and member requests.
  • Participation in the drafting of pay slips and management of social declarations.
  • Follow-up of unpaid invoices and follow-up of renewal files.
  • Management of the event towards the members of the Association.


  • Proficiency in office automation: Office pack (Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word).
  • Mastery of the use of collaborative and communication tools (Internet, messaging, shared planning, web conferencing, corporate social network…).
  • Knowledge of administrative management.
  • Knowledge of editorial standards.
  • Knowledge of note-taking techniques.
  • Mastery of event organization.
  • Selective, clear and effective communication.
  • Spirit of synthesis.Spirit of synthesis.
  • Good level of English.