Adan conducts a survey of digital asset and blockchain professionals on their relationships with financial institutions

We know that the relationship between financial institutions and companies dealing with digital assets and blockbusters is sometimes difficult, but we do not have precise figures on the subject.Adan is therefore launching a major survey on the state of these relationships.

The objective is to carry out a quantitative and qualitative study that will make it possible to accurately measure the reality and extent of the difficulties borne by the players. The conclusions of this survey will be disseminated to the public, the authorities and associations of the financial centre.

Responses will only be processed by the Adan team and will not be communicated to members. They will be made anonymous and processed for the purpose of publishing the survey report. If you take part in the survey, we will send you the draft report before publication and you will have the opportunity to make comments and suggestions.

The estimated time to complete the questionnaire is 10-15 minutes. The questionnaire will be closed at the end of July. We have a first deadline for submitting even partial results on July 24th – so please answer before this date if possible.

Thank you in advance for your participation!