Paris, 08 November 2023 – This morning, at a breakfast meeting, the Adan association launched a new working committee aimed at bringing together those involved in tokenisation to start thinking about the challenges involved in developing this innovation in France and Europe.

Around a hundred interested participants

Already equipped with five committees within its working bodies, Adan – Europe’s leading professional federation for Web 3 – officially launched a new committee this morning on the theme of tokenisation, i.e. the process of dematerialising and fragmenting property using blockchain technologies.

A number of professionals interested in this promising innovation – including start-ups, banks, funds, asset managers and major corporations – came to the premises of Banque Delubac & Compagnie to take part in the breakfast. On the spot, several of the hundred or so participants indicated their intention to take part in the work by joining the committee led by Mark Kepeneghian, newly elected chairman of the committee.

Tokenisation is not just a financial innovation; it’s a paradigm shift that will affect all asset classes. Ignoring this revolution is not an option, given the colossal volumes involved and the issues of sovereignty and employment that it will represent in France” stresses Mark Kepeneghian, President of the Tokenisation Committee.

Clear objectives for a major project

The association’s ambition was clearly stated this morning: to remove the obstacles to the development of tokenisation in France and Europe, at a time when announcements of the launch of large-scale projects have been multiplying across the Atlantic and in the United Kingdom in recent weeks.

A comprehensive programme is currently being drawn up and should be adopted by the members of the newly-created committee at its first plenary meeting on 23 November. Three main verticals have already been mentioned: tokenisation of financial instruments, tokenisation of real estate and tokenisation of movable assets (art, video games, etc.).

In order to successfully complete the major areas of work that will be decided on for the coming year, a number of prerequisites were raised during the various speeches:

    – Establish a definition of tokenisation;
    – Draw up an overview of the possible operating methods and uses of tokenisation;
    – Clarify the classification of tokens according to the assets they represent and the relationship between the different legal regimes;
    – Coordinate work with other market associations on tokenisation issues.

Adan is evolving to continue to support Web 3 as it moves towards new areas of innovation. Our mission will be accomplished when we succeed in getting a wide range of companies to embrace tokenisation, including small businesses” says Faustine Fleuret, president of the association.

About Adan

Adan (Association pour le développement des actifs numériques – Association for the development of digital assets) brings together more than 200 professionals – new players and established companies – who on a daily basis develop innovation and use cases for the decentralised web in all areas of the economy. By removing the obstacles to their growth and competitiveness, Adan is working towards the emergence and influence of French and European champions in the service of our digital sovereignty. Adan promotes an appropriate, proportionate and catalytic framework for innovation, as well as a better understanding of new blockchain technologies, crypto-assets and their opportunities.

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