2023 is drawing to a close, and with it a year that some describe as "turbulent", others - and Adan - as structuring.

A structuring year for Adan. Renewal of the Board, strengthening of the team with the arrival of new permanent members, change of premises in Paris, establishment in Brussels, creation of a new Committee (and perhaps one more soon...), consecration of annual highlights (our anniversary, the restitution of our study, our Web 3 Leaders Forum, Fintech 3.0) and establishment of numerous partnerships: in the space of a year, the Association has again developed considerably and deployed the efforts and actions needed to carry out its missions, which are ever more numerous. This was one of my commitments when I stood for re-election: continuity and stability yes, inertia certainly not. 

A pivotal year for the industry. Strengthening of PSAN registration, implementation of the pilot regime for tokenised financial markets, adoption of several European regulations (MiCA, TFR, Data Act, DAC8), negotiation of other important texts (European reform to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism, Open Finance, Retail investment strategy, Ecodesign for sustainable product regulation), international discussions on decentralised finance and NFTs, French breakthrough on the framework for Web 3 video games (JONUM) : As the contours of the business and regulatory environment become clearer, companies are increasingly understanding and anticipating the obligations associated with their activities. And while 2023 may not have provided all the answers, the waters in France and Europe seem less murky than elsewhere when it comes to imagining the future of Web 3.

But beware: while we have taken the lead on the attractiveness front (thanks MiCA, thanks SEC), the battle for competitiveness is far from won. There are too many unfavourable signals being sent out in 2023 to start-ups in the sector to give us cause for alarm. As long as we fail to understand that tomorrow's champions are today's start-ups, project leaders born of innovation, and small and medium-sized structures, the lack of consideration for the necessary time and proportionality will threaten the sector's development. Ultimately, we are in the race for strategic autonomy.

One imperative, then, is to open up the 'club' of French unicorns so that Sorare, which joined Adan this autumn, is soon surrounded by other international Web 3 heavyweights.

The structuring of Web 3, which will continue until 2024, must therefore respond to a twofold challenge: leaving no-one by the side of the road of innovation, new entrants as well as established companies, early adopters as well as novice users.

It's just one of many challenges... and one that I look forward to talking to you about after the holidays.

Have a wonderful festive season, and see you at CES 2024 in Las Vegas - at the Web 3 Tokenisation and Finance Village - in January to make all the good resolutions the industry needs.



Initially a Compliance Analyst with BNP Paribas, Ambre joined Binance France in 2021. From 2021 to 2023, her role within the organisation evolved steadily until she reached the position of Project Manager, reporting directly to the Managing Director.

In this position, she has taken part in a number of Adan committees and events, giving Ambre an informed view of some of our work.

It's worth noting that in 2019, Ambre won the bronze medal at the prestigious Prix Lépine in the innovation category!

On Monday 11 December, Adan held its first London-based event "Web 3 and crypto in the UK and EU: cross-border perspectives and the countdown to regulation", organised in partnership with Crypto UK.
Bringing together the 🇫🇷 and 🇬🇧 Web 3 ecosystems, the aim of the event was to address the business situation and regulatory achievements on both sides of the Channel, including how to prepare for MiCA.

  • A first panel "The crypto-asset ecosystem in France and the UK: key trends and challenges".
  • A second "Reforming the regulatory environment for crypto-assets in the UK and EU: what prospects for market participants?"

To round off this superb event, a cocktail party was organised to allow all participants to network and exchange ideas.

Once again, Adan would like to express its gratitude to everyone who made this event such a success:

  • The CryptoUK Association for our partnership.
  • Gide Loyrette Nouel for its warm welcome and crucial support for the organisation.
  • All the panellists and participants present at this event, whose commitment was decisive in making this Franco-British synergy a reality: Rodolphe Baroukh (DGT), Charles Canonne (EU delegation to the UK), John Le Guen (Gide 255), Matthieu Lucchesi (Gide 255), Ian Taylor (CryptoUK), Nick Taylor (Luno), George Tucker (Crypto.com).

On 21 November, Adan's Board of Directors elected its representatives to the association's executive committee.

Following the vote, Mark Kepeneghian, Chairman of Kriptown, and Laurent Ovion, Innovation Director at DLPK, became Vice-Chairmen to replace Faustine Fleuret as Chairman of Adan.

Two members of the permanent team, Mélodie Ambroise and Jules Dubourg, will take on the roles of Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

This vice-presidency will act as a bridge between the traditional sector and the companies that have emerged from Web 3, reinforcing the desire to ensure that all the players involved in building this innovation are fully represented.

Congratulations to the successful candidate and to all those who have been elected, your missions are key to the success of Adan's work and the achievement of the sector's ambitions.

Motivated by the positive impact of the two previous editions, Adan is renewing the "Web 3 and crypto in France and Europe" study in 2024, conducted jointly with KPMG France and Ipsos France.

Picked up by more than 90 French and foreign media, regularly quoted by public decision-makers and presented at a major event hosted by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, this study has become a benchmark for assessing the state of the sector and users' understanding of the new uses of the Internet of value.

What does the study cover?

  • The scope and objectives of this 3rd edition remain unchanged, and are still divided into two parts:
    • An "Adoption of crypto-assets" section based on a survey of the French by IPSOS and a comparison with the UK, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.
    • A "Web 3 industry" section to highlight the players and use cases.
  • But there's also something new for this 2024 version: an expanded analysis of crypto adoption through new questions, questions related to French and European policy and regulation, a bilingual report 🇫🇷🇬🇧 and even a 3rd sponsor category.

Would you like to become a partner? Take part in shaping the content of the study? Have a sneak preview of the full survey results? Share your analysis of the report? Contact us at: [email protected]




  • On 8 November, our President Faustine Fleuret was a guest speaker at our breakfast to mark the launch of the Tokenisation Committee.


  • On 15 November Faustine Fleuret was the guest of Amaury de Tonquédec on BFM Business.


  • On 16 November Faustine Fleuret was Delphine Sabattier's guest on B SMART.


  • On 28 November, Faustine attended Investir Day to take part in two panels:
    - From 16:30 to 16:50 during the debate "Stock markets: the galloping influence of the web3?"
    - From 16:55 to 17:20 around the topic "Cryptocurrencies in the face of regulation: Opportunities or challenges".


  • Also on 28 November, our Head of Regulatory Affairs Hugo Bordet took part in a Webinar organised by France Générosités.


  • On 30 November, a new episode of Bitstack's podcast "Understanding Bitcoin" was published, featuring our President as a guest.