14 Apr 2021

Interview of Sebastien Couture for SMART TECH

Replay of the SMART TECH programme in which Sebastien Couture spoke about the future of digital assets.
14 Apr 2021

Interview by Faustine Fleuret for LexisNexis

In this video, Faustine Fleuret, William O'Rorke and Alexandre Lourimi present their book "Droit des crypto-actifs et de la blockchain" (Crypto-asset and blockchain regulation) co-authored with Alice Barbet-Massin and Claire Pion in which practical solutions with examples from the field are given for each legal questio
12 Apr 2021

Stablecoins: The digital transformation of money?

We are pleased to co-host a conference with the LaBChain consortium on stablecoins. It will cover a wide range of topics, including the state of the art of the sector, use cases and applications for DeFi, advances across the Atlantic, and will reveal the major challenges facing the French and European industry today.
08 Apr 2021

Taxonomy of 

This paper presents a taxonomy of cryptoassets existing on open blockchains.
07 Apr 2021

DASPs: AML/CFT framework strengthened

The publication of Decree No. 2021-387 of 2 April 2021 reinforces the AML/CFT framework for DASPs.
01 Apr 2021

Adan welcomes the authorities’ recognition of problems faced by crypto companies in obtaining access to bank accounts

The ACPR-AMF Fintech Forum allowed the "Access to cryptoasset accounts" working group to be created, bringing together Adan, the cryptoasset industry, the banking industry and the French authorities. Despite its positive conclusions, the FBF and the participating banks disassociate themselves from the group's the work.
30 Mar 2021

DeFi: France must not miss the future of finance

On March 18th, Adan organised a conference on the theme of decentralised finance. This event took place in the context of the ongoing work on the proposed European MiCA (Markets in Crypto-Assets) regulation, which is worrying the crypto-blockchain sector and raising doubts about the future competitiveness of the Europe
24 Mar 2021

Interview by Simon Polrot for SMART TECH

Replay of the SMART TECH program in which Simon Polrot presented the NFT subject.
02 Mar 2021

Review of the BC-FT risk analysis of crypto-asset markets: Adan responds to the Commission

L'Adan apporte ses commentaires sur l'analyse de la Commission européenne relative aux risques BC-FT portés par les marchés de crypto-actifs.